Anxiety Therapy

What constitutes anxiety?

Anxiety is part of common human emotions. Feeling anxious motivates our system to get ready for important events in our lives and to do well in it. However, to the point that it troubles us, filling up each and every minute of our life worrying, ruminating over the “what ifs” do not add on more value to the outcome. The impending sense of “doom” if something is not done or completed causes so much distress. Continuing in this state causes a toll on your nervous system and it can be so tiring for anyone to be in this state for long.

How can I be helped through therapy?

If our anxiety gets to the point whereby it gets overwhelming, it usually has its roots in past events. In those past events, we had experienced threats to our safety, relationships, sense of self that we believed we could not get out of. Those beliefs continued to be carried till present that affects how we think, feel and behave in relation to similar triggers in the environment. To be able to regulate the anxiety level back to a more balanced state, therapist will be tracing back to those past events with you and reprocessing them with you. Through reprocessing, new insights, feelings and body sensations regarding the past events will be gained that would help you to achieve your goal of being more regulated and balanced.

Who will be your therapist?

Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)

Warm and caring. Wan Yeng is trained and experienced in using various cognitive, expressive and integrative therapy methods to help clients with their issues.