Childhood Trauma Therapy

What constitutes childhood trauma?

Childhood trauma are often a result of early experiences with caregivers. As a child, our brain was not yet fully developed to be able to comprehend in a wise and mature manner for what was happening to us when a negative experience occurred with caregiver. Certain conclusions might be derived that affect our experiences in the present.

For example, a child that was abused might believe that he or she is bad which made him or her deserving of the abuse. Holding this belief of “I am bad” might cause him or her significant distress in the present as he or she grapples with work or relationships. He or she might feel never enough for whatever he or she is doing and feels helpless in this constant struggle with perfectionism and self-criticism. In relationships, he or she might feel undeserving of the love and attention from partner and get into one bad relationship after another.

How can I be helped through therapy?

You will be helped to understand the origins of your present struggles. The negative beliefs and emotions held from the past will be reprocessed and the more positive and adaptive beliefs will be strengthened that will help you to live your current life with greater happiness and ease.

Who will be your therapist?

Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)

Warm and caring. Wan Yeng is trained and experienced in using various cognitive, expressive and integrative therapy methods to help clients with their issues.