Family Therapy

Who goes for family therapy?

Family undergoing long periods of unsatisfying relationship and something prompted a family member to want a change. Family undergoing an exacerbated period of stress and conflict. Parents who face struggles handling their children and family situation.

Family therapy need not have the whole immediate family to be present. It can start with 2 or more willing members of the family.

How can my family be helped/supported?

Each member can be helped to understand more of each other inner world and how to reach each other through that instead of going back to the maladaptive pattern of interactions. You will review, adjust and let go of expectations that are not fitting, to make way for a new set of expectations that fit for you right now. Overall, more peaceful and satisfying relationships with your family will be gained.

Who will be helping you?

Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)

Warm and caring. Wan Yeng is trained in Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy to help her clients with transforming the relationships they have to one that is of greater satisfaction than before.