Programs and Courses

Employee Care Program

In this trying time, EASE hopes to be able to support individuals and businesses through this. We have hence rolled out the “Employee Care Program” in place of the more commonly known “Employee Assistance Program”.

More details can be found in the infographics. We welcome enquiries for customisation.

Seedling Program

Seedling Program is a 15-week (1.5h per week) developmental and character building program for primary school children. By developing and building the inner core of the child in self-knowledge, self-worth and values; he/she will then be more adept in managing oneself and others in difficult social situations, deal with challenges and recover from setbacks in life.

The program will also equip the child with emotional-regulation, relationship management and conflict-resolution skills that will supplement the inner core development to help the child deal with the above mentioned more successfully.

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