What kind of relationship issues are there?

People can find themselves repeatedly getting into maladaptive relationships that are not good for them, repeating cycles of communication that are unhelpful for getting what they want. Feelings such as inferiority, insecurities, loneliness, helplessness, sadness and anger are perpetuated. Even when the relationship is good for them, people can also experience such feelings from what they carried from their past.

Couples in committed relationships can experience barriers to communication and intimacy, which widens the rift between them. Infidelity can manifest as a “symptom” of the underlying issues between the couple, threatening the integrity of the relationship.

How can I or with my partner be helped/supported?

Depending on your goal or the consensus goal (in couple therapy), you will be help to make more aware of the underlying beliefs and expectations that are causing distress for yourself and your partner in the relationship. You will experiment new ways of seeing and relating that fit in with what you need now. Overall, a happier and more satisfying relationship will be gained.

For couples that come in with infidelity issue, the party that committed the infidelity must have already end the affair. Then effort can be concerted towards building and restoring the trust in the relationship and subsequently an even stronger relationship than before the incident.

Who will be helping you?

Master of Counselling, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)

Warm and caring. Wan Yeng is trained and experienced in using various cognitive, expressive and integrative therapy methods to help clients with their issues.