Self-development Workshop Series

On Loving Yourself

25 Oct 2020 10am-12noon

Do you find yourself sabotaging yourself? Always ending up in non-satisfactory relationships?

Come find out more about the reasons behind it. In this workshop “On Loving Yourself”, you will learn about:

  • the origins of self-love
  • the impact of self-love on yourself
  • how to love yourself more

On Realising Your Life Potential

29 Nov 2020 10am-12noon

Do you find yourself stuck- not satisfied with the current state but also unable to shift to another place? Find life meaningless and unfulfilled?

Come find out more about how to:

  • get out of the ‘stuck’ state in life
  • live a more meaningful and fulfilling life

On Having an Emotionally Healthy Relationship

20 Dec 2020 10am-11.30am

Why is my partner so irritating at times? Why can’t he/she understands me?

Come find out more about what you can do on your part to make this relationship a more sustainable and fulfilling one.

All workshops are conducted online. Link to access will be sent out 1 week before the date of workshop. Sign up link is at For more enquiries, you can either email or whatsapp us.

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