Self-development Workshop Series

On Loving Yourself

Last Sat of every month 10am-12noon

Do you find yourself sabotaging yourself? Always ending up in non-satisfactory relationships?

Come find out more about the reasons behind it. In this workshop “On Loving Yourself”, you will learn about:

  • the origins of self-love
  • the impact of self-love on yourself
  • how to love yourself more

On Realising Your Life Potential

Last Sat of every month 2pm-4pm

Do you find yourself stuck- not satisfied with the current state but also unable to shift to another place? Find life meaningless and unfulfilled?

Come find out more about how to:

  • get out of the ‘stuck’ state in life
  • live a more meaningful and fulfilling life

On Having an Emotionally Healthy Relationship

Last Sat of every month 5pm-6.30pm

Do you find that you have a lot more to complain about your relationship than what you appreciate it for? Do you find it hard to get close to your partner?

In this workshop, we will answer these questions:
-How do we bridge the gap between us to greater closeness and intimacy?
-How do we meet each other needs in a more satisfactory manner?

On Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

Last Sat of every month 7pm-8.50pm

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a popular concept that many people talked about. It is linked to many positive outcomes for an individual- positive relationships, job progression, mental and physical well-being. But how do we really put EI into practice at work to achieve all these positive outcomes for ourselves? This is what we are going to address in this workshop.

In this workshop, we will learn about how to build EI and apply to real situations at work with a series of reflections and hands-on practice facilitated by a trained counsellor.

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