On Loving Yourself

Every last sat of the month 7pm-9pm

Identify the roots of not loving yourself and start your journey to recover this love for yourself that should have been there all along….

On Realising Your Life Potential

Every last sun of the month 2pm-4pm

Discover what is blocking you from fulfilling your life to its fullest potential and how to move forward with these “roadblocks”.

On Having an Emotionally Healthy Relationship

Every last sun of the month 4.30pm-6pm

Relationship is not a given but a continuous piece of work that needs both sides to “sculpt” and grow with it. Come learn the knowledge and skills to make this work more smooth sailing.

On Emotional Intelligence at Workplace

Every last sun of the month 7pm-8.50pm

Learn about how to build Emotional Intelligence and apply to real situations at work with a series of reflections and hands-on practice.