How is intergenerational trauma passed on?

What is intergenerational trauma? Intergenerational trauma refers to the trauma experienced by one generation getting passed on to the next generation, affecting their emotional, social and physical well-being. How is it possible for last generation trauma to be passed on? In Danieli’s work (Danieli et al., 2015a), she wrote about the adaptive styles of survivorsContinue reading “How is intergenerational trauma passed on?”

What is childhood trauma?

Childhood trauma is a result of one or more combination of abuse, neglect or household dysfunctions. Abuse Emotional scarring can happened when parents or caregivers yell, scold, drag or pull the child during an argument or conflict. It can also be constant blaming, minimizing of the child’s rights and needs, making him/her feel unseen andContinue reading “What is childhood trauma?”

Is it possible to heal from trauma without therapy?

Our body and mind has its own natural way to process and consolidate what happened to us. Overtime, the traumatic event might fade away in our memory and also in terms of its effect on us. This is why when a group of people experience the same catastrophic event, some might exhibit PTSD symptoms whileContinue reading “Is it possible to heal from trauma without therapy?”