How to deal with anxiety: in 4 ways

You might realise that you are having anxiety when worries and negative thoughts keep on popping up. You foresee something disastrous is going to happen if you cannot keep things in control. You might you have a hard time winding down at night. Your body is tense, palms and feet are sweaty and they mightContinue reading “How to deal with anxiety: in 4 ways”

How is intergenerational trauma passed on?

What is intergenerational trauma? Intergenerational trauma refers to the trauma experienced by one generation getting passed on to the next generation, affecting their emotional, social and physical well-being. How is it possible for last generation trauma to be passed on? In Danieli’s work (Danieli et al., 2015a), she wrote about the adaptive styles of survivorsContinue reading “How is intergenerational trauma passed on?”

How to get out of depression?

Depression presents a perpetual state of low mood that people cannot get out of. Some described the weight of bearing it, some sees the fog in front of them or a black hole that can never be filled. How can then someone walk out of it? Here are some ideas to help you and yourContinue reading “How to get out of depression?”

What is childhood trauma?

Childhood trauma is a result of one or more combination of abuse, neglect or household dysfunctions. Abuse Emotional scarring can happened when parents or caregivers yell, scold, drag or pull the child during an argument or conflict. It can also be constant blaming, minimizing of the child’s rights and needs, making him/her feel unseen andContinue reading “What is childhood trauma?”

Is it possible to heal from trauma without therapy?

Our body and mind has its own natural way to process and consolidate what happened to us. Overtime, the traumatic event might fade away in our memory and also in terms of its effect on us. This is why when a group of people experience the same catastrophic event, some might exhibit PTSD symptoms whileContinue reading “Is it possible to heal from trauma without therapy?”

Shall We Talk about Resilience #2

The whole aimless loss feeling has always perpetuated since young, but the peak of this feeling was when I skipped poly around 17 until I finally got back. It just felt like I don’t dare to do anything. There were lecturers who came and talked to me. There were people who wanted to help me,Continue reading “Shall We Talk about Resilience #2”

Shall We Talk about Resilience #1

19-year-old was one of the most difficult period in the life of Melissa (pseudonym). It was the year when she chose to accept Christ but also the year when she found herself all alone in the world- disowned by her family. She could not understand what she had done to deserve this. She did notContinue reading “Shall We Talk about Resilience #1”

Shall We Talk about Self-harm

“What should I do if someone around me is engaging in self-harm behaviours?” Sometimes, people come to me with this question and I thought it would be good if there is an article they can refer to for information.   Firstly, why people engage in self-harm (non-suicidal self-injury)? The behaviour might seem irrational to theContinue reading “Shall We Talk about Self-harm”

Shall we talk

In the image’s caption is a translation of some of the lyrics from the song “Shall we talk” by Eason Chan. In some cases, we might have lost the ability to talk to one another over time. We learn that by not talking, perhaps it was better to avoid conflict, to maintain peace for ourselves.Continue reading “Shall we talk”

The New Shoots

I have been growing vegetables for a while now. When I transplanted the shoots to the pot, it grew day by day and I was really happy to witness its growth. Until it reached the extent shown in the picture, I realised that it had been like that for quite some time. It seemed thatContinue reading “The New Shoots”