Shall We Talk about Resilience #1

19-year-old was one of the most difficult period in the life of Melissa (pseudonym). It was the year when she chose to accept Christ but also the year when she found herself all alone in the world- disowned by her family. She could not understand what she had done to deserve this. She did not rob a bank or commit any heinous crimes but it really seemed so to her mother. Melissa was accused, threatened and chased out of the house. What really broke Melissa was the realisation that the love from her mother was not unconditional. Love was contingent upon Melissa being the kid that would not disgrace her mother and lives up to the societal expectations. The realisation left her feeling forsaken and orphaned.

In the period that followed, Melissa devoted her entire energy to painting. Numerous questions came through her while she was painting. “Why did God choose me?” “Why did I have to go through this?” She went deeper and deeper into herself to find that young child in her. A child who once looked upon her parents as the world, yet a tragic accident revealed that they were no less human. A child who craved for stability and security. A child who wanted to be loved, be it she “won” the next-door neighbour kid or not.

As she made sense of her experience, it further consolidated her belief in God. She knew that God would never give up on her no matter what she did. It is this belief that kept Melissa going to stay true to herself. She trudged on with her choice to move abroad for studies. She still visits her family regularly. Today, Melissa continues to face challenges that life throws at her, but with faith and support, she can continuously show up for herself.

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