Shall We Talk about Resilience #2

The whole aimless loss feeling has always perpetuated since young, but the peak of this feeling was when I skipped poly around 17 until I finally got back. It just felt like I don’t dare to do anything. There were lecturers who came and talked to me. There were people who wanted to help me,Continue reading “Shall We Talk about Resilience #2”

Shall We Talk about Resilience #1

19-year-old was one of the most difficult period in the life of Melissa (pseudonym). It was the year when she chose to accept Christ but also the year when she found herself all alone in the world- disowned by her family. She could not understand what she had done to deserve this. She did notContinue reading “Shall We Talk about Resilience #1”

Shall We Talk about Self-harm

“What should I do if someone around me is engaging in self-harm behaviours?” Sometimes, people come to me with this question and I thought it would be good if there is an article they can refer to for information.   Firstly, why people engage in self-harm (non-suicidal self-injury)? The behaviour might seem irrational to theContinue reading “Shall We Talk about Self-harm”

Shall we talk

In the image’s caption is a translation of some of the lyrics from the song “Shall we talk” by Eason Chan. In some cases, we might have lost the ability to talk to one another over time. We learn that by not talking, perhaps it was better to avoid conflict, to maintain peace for ourselves.Continue reading “Shall we talk”

The New Shoots

I have been growing vegetables for a while now. When I transplanted the shoots to the pot, it grew day by day and I was really happy to witness its growth. Until it reached the extent shown in the picture, I realised that it had been like that for quite some time. It seemed thatContinue reading “The New Shoots”

The Psychology Behind Candy Crush

Recently, i started playing Candy Crush again and found myself addicted to the game. This makes me wonder what makes the game feel so good to me that i kept on playing it over and over again. Firstly, I deduced is the sense of relief that “eradicating” the candies gave me. It’s like “eradicating” allContinue reading “The Psychology Behind Candy Crush”

On Abundance and Scarcity

When do we operate from a place of abundance versus a place of scarcity? How do we tell both apart? When you are in a place of abundance, you are enriched with resources, strength and love. You feel empowered and believed that you can do and accomplished things. You are more able to give andContinue reading “On Abundance and Scarcity”

On Passing By

A lot of events happened in a day. A lot of people pass you by everyday. Things change at such a fast rate that we almost have no time to process what has happened and we have already moved on to some new goals, new roles, new people, new trends to follow… If only weContinue reading “On Passing By”

On Making Decisions

What you see and hear can be far from the reality. They are colored by the different lenses you carry with you at different times and that cause you to react in different ways. “Today, I might feel a bit down.” (Emotional filter)“This event reminds me of something in the past. ” (Historical filter)“I didContinue reading “On Making Decisions”