The Psychology Behind Candy Crush

Recently, i started playing Candy Crush again and found myself addicted to the game. This makes me wonder what makes the game feel so good to me that i kept on playing it over and over again.

Firstly, I deduced is the sense of relief that “eradicating” the candies gave me. It’s like “eradicating” all the unwanted stressors in my life.

Secondly, there’s an overwhelming sense of achievement as i see the 4 and 5 candies being linked up to form the special candies that have special power. As they elicit explosion one after another, it’s like doing a total spring cleaning inside my heart.

Lastly, there’s a “goal” in some levels that requires the player to “roll out the carpet” from the existing grids that have the “carpet” to fill up the entire game board. I realised myself feeling a sense of satisfaction as i saw the entire game board being filled to every corner. It’s a sense of wholeness that i experienced as if my heart and body is also full.

When was the last time you had a “Candy Crush” in your life? Maybe it’s also time for a round of it soon 😉 Stay tune to more details of our Self-development Workshop Series!

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