The New Shoots

I have been growing vegetables for a while now. When I transplanted the shoots to the pot, it grew day by day and I was really happy to witness its growth. Until it reached the extent shown in the picture, I realised that it had been like that for quite some time. It seemed that it was not growing any much bigger. From the thickness of the stem, I also doubted that it could grow any bigger. “The stem is thin so probably it cannot support further growth.” “The soil might not have enough nutrients to support its growth.” There were a lot of reasoning that came up in my head. So, I decided to go ahead to harvest it since it could not grow any much bigger. However the meal I prepared that day would not go well with much of these shoots so I just harvested a few of it.

The days after, I continued to water the shoots as per normal to keep it alive. I still put some fertilizer as per normal every 1 to 2 weeks. Tonight, when I passed by the plant and took a closer look at it, I then realised how bountiful it has grown. The shoots have grown so much taller. The stems were thicker. The leaves spread big and wide towards the direction of the sun and you still can see new leaves sprouting from the sides of the stem.

I was awed and touched by the vitality that these plants show. Even in the times when I just leave it to the side, it is still continuously growing. It might be slow. It might be unnoticeable. But it’s one day when you suddenly realised how much it has grown. There are always new shoots sprouting out like the different pathways and possibilities in life. The old leaves withered, dropped to the soil to provide nutrients for new lives to emerge. Life after life, it never ends.

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