Shall we talk

Talk about the things that let us drift apart.
Unless we have both lose the ability to reach one another.
If the silence is too heavy, do not let it slide.
Shall we talk? Shall we talk?
Take it as we are holding hands and going to school again.

In the image’s caption is a translation of some of the lyrics from the song “Shall we talk” by Eason Chan.

In some cases, we might have lost the ability to talk to one another over time. We learn that by not talking, perhaps it was better to avoid conflict, to maintain peace for ourselves. The more we reach out, the more we felt it was futile to get the things we had wanted. Disappointment, hurt and pain made us drift apart.

Shall we talk

Talk in a different way today

I will listen to you

You will listen to me

Without interrupting

Without personalising

I will understand you

You will understand me

And we learn how to reach each other again

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